Glenbrae Women's Lambswool V-Neck Jumper

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Color: Navy
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This super soft, classic yet fashionable lambswool V-neck jumper is naturally cosy and warm.

Manufactured with our unique Spirol elastomeric yarn to help keep its shape meaning it stretches as you move in harmony with your body so will never go baggy yet you can pop it in the washing machine and the tumble dryer.

Spirol also reduces the chances of pilling (small balls of fluff on the garment surface) to virtually nothing.

Lambswool is made from the first time a merino sheep is sheared for super softness and then we give it extra thickness for even more warmth.

Ultra-comfortable yet hard-wearing, our lambswool is breathable, naturally regulating the body temperature, filters UV rays and removes moisture from the body. It means you’ll feel fresh all day, no matter what you’re doing.

Our cutting-edge 3D knitting process means it’s made without seams for even extra comfort. Each V-neck goes through 28 separate manufacturing processes including high precision knitting and hand-sewn neck.

Specially designed to go in the washing machine and the tumble dryer.

Fantastic range with a choice of 9 colours.

All our Glenbrae garments are manufactured in Britain, designed to last for years, are natural, sustainable and recyclable.

Care and washing

Turn the jumper inside out to reduce risk of it fluffing up as it will come into contact with other clothes in the washing machine.

Wash it with similar colours at 30°C using wool specific detergent readily available in supermarkets or online and on a wool wash setting if your machine has one.

Tumble dry on a a warm, gentle heat setting. After tumble drying, you can iron the garment using a warm setting on your iron.

If you do not tumble dry then dry the garment laid flat away from direct sunlight but never on a coat hanger as this could pull it out of shape.  

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