We've recently teamed up with Carlisle Shoe Repairs and we're now the drop off and pick up point for their shoe repairs in the Penrith and Eden district.
Just drop off your repairs in our shop and we'll send them up to get repaired, then just collect them from us when they're done.



Ladies Stilletto Rubber/Metal £6.90
Ladies Normal Heel £7.90
Ladies Stick On Sole £9.50
Ladies Stick On Sole and Heel £16.00
Ladies Toe Pieces £4.90
Ladies Leather Sole £12.00
Gents Heel Rubber £11.90
Gents Heel Metal Tip £12.40
Gents Stick On Sole £13.00
Gents Stick On Sole and Heel £24.00
Gents Leather Half Sole £26.00
Gents Leather Sole and Heel £37.50
Gents Full Leather Sole and Heel £45.00
Vibram Sole (Heel) £37.50
Vibram Sole (No Heel) £32.50
Commando Sole and Heel £45.00
Commando Heel £14.50
Studded Sole and Heel £45.00
Studded Heel £12.40
Cleated Sole and Heel £26.00
Cleated Heel £14.00
Cleated Sole £14.00
Ladies Bowling Shoe £11.00
Gents Bowling Shoe £14.00